Rules for the season 2022/23

Figure skating competitions can be organized by different organizers, in different age categories and difference disciplines.

Most of the competitions are using rules defined by International Skating Union (ISU), that publishes technical requirements for the Senior (from 15 years, and soon – from 17), Junior (from 13 years) and Novice (10-15 years).

You can see rules for the current season here:

Youunger categories are not regulated by ISU, so figure skating body of each country publishes their own levels and categories. They’re often similar, but each has slightly different requirements. Those levels are typically named Cubs, Chicks, Pre-Chicks, Youngers etc. We try to translate most of the European federations’ rules and publish them as well.


In Ukraine competitions are organized by state (through UFSF) and by individual organizers. Requirements for Ukrainian competitions usually aren’t published, but sent via private Viber-chat groups for coaches. We’re trying to structure those rules as well and publish in the readable and friendly format.