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Skate Ukraine is a non-profit public organization dedicated to developing Ukrainian figure skating. It has started in 2006 as an online community of figure skating fans, skaters and coaches under the name skating.com.ua and in summer of 2020 was registered as a non-profit and rebranded as Skate Ukraine.

The original website was founded in 2006 by Ivan Danyliuk as a successor and further development of ufskating.iatp.org.ua created by Julia Tereshchenko in 2002. Collecting and gathering information about Ukrainian skaters and competitions quickly grew into a “full-time hobby”, with professional photography of Ukrainian and international events and events’ live video streaming (something deemed impossible to do cheaply back in 2008) that allowed thousands of people to watch Ukrainian figure skating competitions. We also ran an online voting for “viewers’ choice prize” during Ukrainian children competitions and a few crowdfunding campaigns to help our skaters in difficult moments, despite attacks from the Ukrainian Federation.

Skating.com.ua is, and always was, a skaters-first resource. We have an immense respect for skaters, and our highest priority belongs to them. However, we aim to pay the same attention to the coaches and skaters’ parents, who are the backbone of the figure skating community, as well.

Every service or feature ever provided by Skating.com.ua was done for free, i.e. at our own expenses. Website domains and hosting, professional photo and video equipment used for photography and streaming, internet contracts with ISPs for some of Ukrainian ice rinks, and, of course, thousands of hours of our time – everything has been done and paid for by ourselves, with the help of many members of the community (athletes’ parents mostly) along the way.

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