Chicks C

Birth year: 2014

Free Skating

2 minutes

A well-balanced Free Skating program must contain 7 elements in total:

1T 1S 1Lo 1F 1Lz 1A

Maximum of four (4) jump elements:

  1. Waltz jump (1Wz) is allowed and has Base Value of 0.2
  2. maximum of two (2) jump combinations:
    • A jump combination can contain only two (2) jumps
    • A jump sequence is not allowed
  3. 1A, 1Lz, 1F and double (2) jumps are not allowed
  4. No jump with the same name can be executed more than twice (2).

Maximum of two (2) spins of a different nature:


One (1) Step Sequence fully utilizing at least 2/3 of the ice surface.


The Program Components are only judged in:

  • Skating Skills
  • Performance

The Factor of the Program Components is 1.5

  • In all elements, which are subject to Levels, only features up to Level 2 will be counted. All additional features will not count for Level requirements and will be ignored by the TP.
  • There will be no special factor of 1.1 for jump elements performed in the second half of the program.
  • Evaluation is in accordance with ISU Communication No.2489 (or any update).

In case of doubt, consult original Announcement , contact organizing commitee or ask for help on our forum.