Sofiia Holichenko and Artem Darenskyi to compete in pairs together

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Sofiia Holichenko, 15, and Artem Darenskyi, 18, have formed a new skating partnership and will compete in pairs. They'll be coached by Liliya Batutina in Dnipro at the ice arena "Dnipro".

Sofiia is a bronze Ukrainian junior national medalist (2017/18) as a single skater, and Ukrainian national medalist (2018/19) in pair skating (together with Ivan Pavlov). 

Artem, as a pair skater, is a two-time Ukrainian champion (2017 – 2018), three-time junior Ukrainian champion (2016 – 2018) and represented Ukraine at many international events, including European Championships and Junior World Championships. He was previously partnered up with Sofiia Nesterova and Anastasiia Smirnova.

Liliya Batutina is a Ukrainian coach who worked with Renata Oganesian - Mark Bardei, three-time Ukrainian national champions and three-time junior Ukrainian champions.

Sofiia and Artem attempted to team up in March, three days before the start of COVID-19 quarantine and the ice rinks' shutdown. They started again in June, and three weeks into the partnership, are progressing at an impressive pace. Both Sofiia and Artem have solid experience in pair skating, and both are hard-working and technical skaters.

The team is looking forward to a new partnership with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement.

Post is written in English, Ukrainian and Russian.

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