Age: 8 years or younger (born after 01/07/2013)

Free Skating

2 minutes

A well balanced Free Skating Program must contain:

1T 1S 1Lo 1F 1Lz 1A 2T 2S 2Lo 2F 2Lz 2A

Maximum of four (4) jump elements:

  • one of which must be an Axel type jump.
  • There may be up to two (2) jump combinations or one (1) jump combination and one (1) jump sequence.
    • Jump combinations and the jump sequence consist of two (2) jumps.
    • In the jump sequence the second jump must be an Axel type jump with a direct step from the landing curve of the first jump in to the take- off curve of the Axel jump. One full revolution on the ice between the jumps (free foot can touch the ice, but without weight transfer) keeps the element in the frame of the definition of a jump sequence. Jumps executed in a jump sequence receive their full value.
    • No triple and quadruple jumps are allowed.
    • Only one single jump and one double jump (including Double Axel) can be repeated once.

Maximum of two (2) spins of a different nature (abbreviation)

  • one of which must be a spin combination with a change of foot (minimum of eight (8) revolutions) or without a change of foot (minimum of six (6) revolutions).
  • The spin in one position with a change of foot (minimum of eight (8) revolutions) or without change of foot (minimum of six (6) revolutions).
  • In both spins flying entries are allowed.

There must be a maximum of one (1) Choreo sequence which must be clearly visible. This element has a fixed base value and will be evaluated by the judges in GOE only.


The Program Components are only judged in:

β€’ Composition β€’ Presentation β€’ Skating Skills

The factor for the Program Components is 1.67

Level explanation

For all elements which are subject to Levels, only features up to Level 2 will be counted. Any additional features will not count for Level requirements and will be ignored by the Technical Panel.

In case of doubt, consult original Announcement , contact organizing commitee or ask for help on our forum.